Releasing April 13th, 8PM JST and 1PM CET

This collaboration is the first joint logo project by SOLAR, with both sides sharing many values & visions while being on the other side of the globe.

SOLAR MTP, MEDITERRANEAN FAMILY BUSINESS founded and ran by brothers Simon and François and father Charly.

SOLAR first started as a creative and international wholesale agency in 2019, then quickly into retail activities in 2020, opening their first physical store in hometown Montpellier *South of France*.

Placing sportswear alongside creative brands, SOLAR quickly gained widespread recognition for its curation and imagery. Since, they have grown to include in-house products, international partners and 2 physical stores in Montpellier, as well as developing projects with creatives and brands around the world.
As SOLAR self proclaims: *WE PUT MTP ON THE MAP*.


SOLAR MTPは、フランスのモンペリエを拠点に兄弟のサイモンとフランソワ、父親のチャーリーによってスタート。